Flint Creek Ranch is proud to be contenders in the Big Game Awards. Our deer have won 4 awards in the last 6 years, 3 first place winners overall and 1 top 5 in our Region!

Flint Creek Ranch Texas Whitetail Trophy Bucks

Texas Big Game Awards

Trophy Bass Fishing in our 2, fully stocked 22 acre lakes

Mature bucks on these hunts may score up to 250" B/C  plus. This Texas whitetail hunting ranch exemplifies the fruits of intensive deer management. 
Between hunts, spend some time hooking into largemouth bass or kickback and enjoy an afternoon of watching your favorite team. 

Established in 1985 by Susan & Ray Murski.

Located near Meridian, TX, this 1400 acre ranch offers a first-class hunting experience that you cannot find just anywhere. 

For 30 years, this private Texas ranch have been growing incredible trophy whitetails.

FCR opened it's gates for commercial hunting  in 2013.

Owner, Mike Murski, has  created a first class hunting experience providing great lodging and accommodations.

It's the best kept secret of Texas! 


Flint Creek Ranch